Different Styles of Kitchens

Kitchens have developed from a traditional work space  with separations for the sink, work areas and fridges into more practical and advanced zones. We have moved away from what was once considered a traditional kitchen into a multi-purpose design fit for a king. Here is the lowdown on the different styles kitchens available today:

One wall: Originally known as a Pullman Kitchen, these layouts are generally found in studio apartments because they are good at saving space. The cabinets are fixed onto one wall, with many of the appliances having their own home.

Gallery: Described as efficient, lean and ideal for small spaces, these kitchens are perfect for one cook. It has a walk-through area and is characterised by its two parallel walls on the opposite side of one another. They make use of every area and do not have any corners.

L Shape: Solving the issue of corners, the L shape kitchen is smart for small and medium sized kitchens. It is versatile in design which is matched with countertops and two perpendicular adjoining walls. Helping to eliminate traffic, this design can have dining areas and work zone added to it with ease.

Horseshoe: With three walls fixed into a U shape, this design gets its name from its similarity to a horseshoe. Islands can be placed in the centre to maximize workspace and the design allows traffic and workflow to take place all at once.

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