Garden Trends In 2017

Summer has finally approached us, and even though it doesn’t feel like it, the weather is improving and more and more people are sitting outside and enjoying their garden. There are a lot of exciting trends out there now to make your garden contemporary and exciting, and you need to follow the trends of 2017 to make your friends desperate to have the BBQ round at your house!

One of the main trends in 2017 is focusing on being environmentally friendly and having a large patch of flowers, concentrating on using different colours of all varieties and colours. Large bunches of flowers that are slightly overgrown are eco-friendlier and make your garden look exciting and colourful.

Your garden is an important space, and a luxury that you have got with your house- that’s why it’s important to make the most out of your garden and see it like an extra room to your house. Considering a large open space with a patio and seats when walking out into your garden makes it a more relaxing place, and makes it seem like another room in your house. Lighting has become more important in the planning of a garden, focusing on using different types of lighting for different settings will add a magical feel to your garden and make it seem homelier.

Trying to build a garden maintenance-free is also a big trend of 2017, if you hate mowing the lawn then consider getting artificial grass so that you could spend more time relaxing than doing garden chores. If you focus on only getting flowers that are container grown they are a lot easier to manage than using flower beds.

There are lots of different garden trends this summer to make your garden seem more of a luxury and a place to sit and relax. Here at PS Contracts we provide fantastic Garden Pods, and they are an essential this summer and certainly a great way of staying on-trend!