Kitchen Design Myths: Part 2

It’s only normal that every industry will develop a catalogue of myths that are spread around from person to person. When we are a part of one of these myth-filled industries, it is our job to bust the myths and expose the truth instead. Here is part two of our two part blog series on kitchen design myths…

Myth: A timeless kitchen only comes in black or white.

Many homeowners have an inbuilt idea that only a black and white kitchen fitted with colour co-ordinating appliances and furniture can stand the test of time. Although this route may be tempting, you should always go with your gut feeling. Do not follow a stereotype if you know you will love a different design more.

Myth: Hiring a professional is always unnecessary.

Whether you are a DIY king/queen or you don’t want the expenses of professional help, you must consider if the sacrifice is worth the absent input of someone who really knows what they are talking about. It just may be that you require a designer to bring your idea to life.

Myth: Style is more important than storage space.

For many people, the kitchen should be the stand out room. It should ooze with style, sophistication and class. Despite this, there is no need to sacrifice storage space in order to gain an aesthetic kitchen worthy of one million Instagram likes. Visually, a new kitchen should look impressive, however unsightly clutter on the worktop is bound to put people off. Make sure your new design has optimum storage space- as well as style.

Here at PS Contracts, our range of kitchens are made to suit the customer’s needs. Whether you are avoiding professional kitchen designers or are looking for a design that will be timeless in years to come, the myths have been busted and we’ve got you covered! Get in contact today!