So You’ve Bought A Garden Pod… Now What?

When it comes to making the most of your outdoor space and keeping your garden fully on-trend, then nothing is quite as effective as one of our fantastic garden pods. With a range of different designs, colours and materials available for you to choose from, we’re fully confident in our ability to provide you with a pod that will complement the rest of your garden.

So, you’ve made up your mind and gone ahead and bought one of our fantastic pods, and now you’re wondering how you can really make the most of it. The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned cash on such a thing only for you to not make much use of it, and so PS Contracts are here to give you a quick guide on what to do once you’ve had your pod installed.

  • Kit It Out

Okay, so your brand new garden pod is sitting contentedly in your back yard, and now it’s time to use it. Well, there’s no point investing in a pod if you aren’t going to fill it with the things you love, so now it’s time to well and truly kit it out. Whether you want to use it as an office, a play area or just a room to watch the football, you need to head out there and buy all the things you need. You don’t want a blank pod, and now you need to start decorating!

  • Look After It

This may sound incredibly obvious, but you’d be surprised at just how many people get a little carried away with kitting out their new pod and forget all about taking care of it. Just like an extension or a conservatory, a garden pod needs to be cleaned and decluttered from time to time, otherwise you’ll end up being left with a messy garden space that you don’t want to spend any time in!

  • Show It Off

What use is buying your very own garden pod if you don’t intend to show it off? Once your pod is fully kitted out and looking fabulous, it’s time for you to show it off to friends and family! You should think about inviting them over for some kind of garden party or family dinner, so that you can “subtly” gear conversation in the direction of your pod.

Here at PS Contracts, we provide the best garden pods around- and they’re absolutely essential for having a memorable 2017 summer!